Maximum Security TLS 1.2 & Above

House owners privacy & security was always our main concern, thats why HOS 4.0 is strictly set the minimum limit of any TCP/IP Transport Layer Security (TLS) version to be TLS 1.2 at least, This would provide the best privacy and data integrity between HOS and one or more of the communicating computer applications. TLS 1.2 supports many different methods for exchanging keys, encrypting data, and authenticating message integrity. As a result, secure configuration of TLS 1.2 involves many data insurance and privacy confidentiality.

Multiple Houses Control  

It is very helpful to watch any suspicious activities happening in your house while you're away and even take counter actions against like locking doors, switch off electricity and calling for help. The enhanced technology and advanced automation security provided by HOS Smart Home allow you to switch between infinite number of smart houses or properties controlled and monitored with the same app on the same device. Also allow you to make a multiple profiles for the same house for other family members or guests. One touch is all that it needs to take you from a house to another with a full monitoring and total control of each and every smart accessory, device.

Design Freedom Layers Upon Each Other

HOS new Multi-Layers option allowing you to add infinity numbers of transparent layers of alpha pictures one over each other to build a beautiful unique custom view fitting and not interfering with the original room design, adds a touch of reality to the monitoring & control represented in super user friendly interface. Loaded with a pre-installed dedicated library of rooms profiles and animated AHU & remote control skins professionally designed to mix with most modern houses rooms, devices and comply with most recent & modern automation regulations & standards. Still you can use any custom made transparent image using any photo editor or using your iPhone/iPad Camera. As we never forget the overall design we added an option to blur the far layers (background layers) to add depth to the overall view and draw the user attention and concentration to the near layer (top layer) which mainly holding the audio/visual monitoring & control animated stickers and switches.

TCP/IP Controllers TLS 1.2 Certified Brands

Secured TCP/IP Controllers

This listed some of the compatible TCP/IP controllers that is TLS 1.2 or more compliant. While you still can use IFTTT as a service to link any device even if it's not SSL or TLS Secured, Still make sure for any DIY projects using Arduino or Raspberry to secure your network with at least TLS version 1.2 for a maximum reliability & privacy.