HOS Smart Home It's Alive..!

Live animation showing the actual 3D animated actions of each and every smart accessory or device as it actually do in real world, in addition to a color guided numeric live values represented on top of it reflecting the actual values of this smart accessory or device in real. Hi-Quality audio effects reflects the real sound of each smart accessory or device as it operates in real world, like the sound of opening and closing a sprinkler or faucet, turning on/off a light switch, rotating a thermostat knob, running a ceiling or a desk fan and many more, adding more depth and reality to your smart home control experience.

  • Audio | Visual 3d buttons acts and sounds as in real world.

Never Miss Critical Alerts Diagnostic Alarm and Status

With the latest in processing and diagnostic techniques, HOS Smart Home 4.0 is better than ever. Live Alarm & Status System shows many device status and alerts in animated 3D views, like when a sensor is in a Low Battery, an accessory have a General Alert, a pump gets a Fault Status, an actuator is Out of Service, an outlet switch is Tampered , a door Lock is Jammed, a desk fan in a Swing Mode, a light bulb changes Hue Color, and many more.

  • Alarm | Status more animated indicators than earlier version.

Save Perfect Moments Recordable Scenes for Different Protocols Together

There's a time when you feel that your favorite zone is perfectly adjusted, the temperature and the fan is set to a comfy breezy point, the light saturation and hue is so accommodating with the TV display and the music sound is equalized and distributed perfectly allover the place, and you wish to save this perfect ambiance with every details of it, How about if it's possible? With a one touch scene recorder on HOS, allow you to store 4 presets for each zone (thats 24 presets per room) of all devices together even from different brands or protocols, Apple HomeKit, BACnet, KNX. which you can play it anytime from any device or using Apple Watch presets/scenes views.

Live Control Real World Reaction

A simple touch and hold action is all what's needed for a Dynamic 3D Animation to react exactly as it do in real world, like a Fan that turns faster as the actual rotation speeding up or a light that changing colors as the real bulb changing hue, all with a touch and hold. A single touch turns devices On and Off.

  • Run | Monitor watch actual precise values as you control.

Indoor & Outdoor Control Versatile System Fits All Devices and Protocols

Inclusive system that powers everything in your home thru several devices inside and outside your house, AppleTV, iPAD, iPhone, & Apple Watch, using different profiles made by each house family member creative point of view. It lets you do things you simply can’t with other Apps. That’s because it’s designed specifically for the hardware it runs on. Inspired by its users though designed for everyone.

No More Mistaken Clicks Practical Indicating Stickers

Several animated sticker views.

HOS is equipped with a collection of powerful 3d dynamic stickers. Makes it impossible to not recognize each switch exact function, So you'll never flick the wrong switch again.