Not Much to Say Real Feel View

Had enough with conventional look switches, confusing sliders, and underline text which is the only way to know which click is doing what? Let’s take a look at HOS Smart Home modern solution, Using a real photo of your house front garden you've just snapped with your iPad camera, adding on it a control point animated sticker of an irrigation sprinkler switch which Looks like and moves precisely as the real HomeKit Accessory do and sounds exactly as the actual audio of it. As you click this switch it would not only turn on the control panel that allow you to fully control all capabilities of this accessory but also give the sound of the sprinkler water splashes. something as good as this really exist, it is the future of smart home automation as we see and the end of another stone age.

Time to Bend Remote One & Only for Apple TV

This is the Only App on Apple TV that allow the audio/visual live monitor & control for all Apple HomeKit accessories in one application, With an easy to access edit mode that enable you to reposition your smart switches with a simple tilt of your Siri remote control while clicking the switch, 4 directions tilt control (front|back|right|left for up|down|right|left positioning). Reinforced with a four scenes recordable presets for each zone/room allow you to play several different Apple HomeKit actions at the same time with just one click on the Siri Remote Control.

Who Did What & When Live Text & Animation

Not only you get the condition of a lamp in text as someone turn it on, but also you see animated view of a bulb sticker lighted on your iPhone as someone actually click the wall switch, Well thats not all you also get the color hue on the side of the light bulb sticker showing the exact light brightness, hue and saturation in a clear non mistakable view. There is an action allow you to notice critical status on the device all the time from every accessory as HOS keep the status notification visually appearing and remains as long as the status still the same even if you miss the notification or accidentally erase it.

Best Hue Automation Real Time Monitor & Control

A simple touch and hold action is all what's needed for a Dynamic 3D Animation to react exactly as it do in real world, like a Fan that turns faster as the actual rotation speeding up or a light that changing colors as the real bulb changing hue, all with a touch and hold. A single touch turns devices On and Off.

HOS Loves to Speak to You Multilingual Voice Narration

You don’t have to speak to Siri to speak back to you, HOS speak to you straightforward if you enable voice mode. Tells you about recent actions as you apply it plus the sound effect of each device as you use it, This not only helping you determine what action the accessory is doing even if it’s far away but also some how helps as an extra hearing guide incase of difficulties in sight.

Thousand Accessories Proudly Compatible With All

Yes All HomeKit Accessories, Indeed We Left Nothing Behind.

We made HOS to be always ready for each and every current and future Apple HomeKit accessory that exist or might arise later. Name any Apple HomeKit device, accessory, light bulb, audio speaker, gateway, smart switch, outlet, thermostat, window covering, blind, fan, air conditioner, humidifier, air purifier, sensor, security system, door lock, camera, doorbell, garage door, sprinkler, faucet, valve, or bridge. Prepare yourself for the future cause it's coming now.